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About Whistleblowing Hotline

Purpose of this mechanism is to assist colleagues in finding help or to report any misconducts that violates company policies. In order to protect the whistleblower and to report anonymously, this website is constructed by an independent third-party (Deloitte & Touche). If any incidents reported are found to be false or malicious, the whistleblower will be held accountable for legal liabilities.

Company’s Promise

At CTCI, we firmly believe that complying with ethic guidelines and group policies can ensure employees’ rights and group’s sustainable operation. If you notice any misconducts or any actions that may adversely affect the group’s interests, please report without hesitation. This Whistleblowing mechanism is utterly safe and confidential; you do not have to worry about any interference, retaliation, unfair treatments, or job security issues. If you would like to report an incident, please follow the instructions on this page. As you may choose to report anonymously, we also encourage you to leave your contact information for us to uncover more details and to provide you with your rewards where applicable.

What to Report

Any suspicious incidents that has not yet been dealt with appropriately, that may violate law, professional guidelines, or group's policies which you believe should be report as soon as possible.

Other Ways of Report

  • Email

Please click here to download the Whistleblowing Website User Guide